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Color and Markings


Ferrets come in so many different variations of colors and markings that it almost impossible to cover them all. This list is just here to give a better understanding to the basics, and to help you figure out what color ferret you have or plan on getting.



Ferret Colors
Probably the most common colour of ferret, these fuzzies have dark brown guard hairs, a white or cream coloured undercoat, a dark brown or brown spotted nose and dark brown eyes.

sable ferret

Silver There are several different silver patterns. Some silvers have guardhairs that are white and silverey everywhere on the body, and some silvers are sometimes confused with DEWS because some silvers have all white guardhairs everywhere except their tail, which has only a few silver guardhairs. The silver ferret lacks a full mask and usually only has a few smudges of silver around the eyes.

silver ferret

DEW (Dark Eyed White) Similar in colour to albinos, but while Albinos have red eyes, DEW ferrets have dark burgundy eyes. Also unlike Albinos, DEW ferrets do not have to be entirely white. DEW undercoats must be white, but a few coloured guard hairs are acceptable so long as the coloured guard hairs are less than 10% of the coat. Neither Albinos nor DEW can have smudges or masks.

Dark Eyed White Ferret


A white or off-white undercoat with matching white or off-white guard hairs and pinkish or red eyes. For showing purposes (yes, there are ferret shows), a pure white ferret with ruby red eyes is preferred.

Albino Ferret


Black ferrets are not very common. Their guard hairs are black (not simply dark brown) and their undercoat is white or light gold. The eyes are black or near black and the nose is black or black speckled.

black ferret

Black Sable

The eyes and undercoat of the black sable ferret is the same colour as a sable, but black sables have guard hairs that are so thick and dark that the undercoat barely shows through. Their noses are black or specked with black.

black sable ferret


Champagne ferrets have light tan coloured guard hairs white or cream coloured undercoats, a pink nose with a beige T outline and burgundy eyes.

champaign ferret

My ferret Molly


Cinnamon ferrets have light, cinnamon coloured guard hairs with a light gold or off-white undercoat, burgundy eyes and a brick coloured or brick outlined nose.

Cinnamon ferret


Chocolate ferrets have light brown or chocolate coloured guard hairs, and a gold or white undercoat. Their noses are pink or brick coloured and may have a brown T outline.

chocolate ferret